Caratell Policy

Exchange and upgrade policy

Terms and conditions:

  • Merchandise is accepted for exchange within 14 days accompanied by the original sales receipt.
  • Exchange of merchandise is not acceptable under damaged condition.
  • Exchange of merchandise with gemstone is subjected to gemmological testing at the customer’s expense.
  • No refund is allowed for merchandise sold
  • Merchandise that is made to customer’s specification or design is not accepted or credit, it is sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that the merchandise is to their satisfaction.
    For up-grading policy, 10% would be deducted from the purchased amount, accompanied by the original Caratell’s receipt. This does not apply for custom made order, pearl, opal and coral items.
  • The next purchase value has to be 20% more than the trade-in values.
  • The company reserved all the rights to reject jewelleries that are found being tempered or with any forms of defects cause by wearer mishandling.


Customization Policy

Terms and condition:

  • Deposits for these orders/items are not refundable and transferable.
  • There order/items are to be collected and paid in full within the stipulated period or within 6 months from date of order, after which the deposit will be forfeited without prior notice.
  • For any changes on the design after completion, the additional charges shall be bear by the customer.
  • Caratell Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend, vary, delete or add any of these therms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.


Reserved Policy

Reservation of merchandise will only be valid for 3 working days. Consumer will need to verify with us regarding the confirmation of the merchandise with the given period of time.



Privacy Policy

Personal Information

We may collect personal information such as your home address, contact number and email etc in various ways when you provide it at our store, at our event or in our online webpage.

Any information provide to us will be kept confidential where as your personal email and contact number will only be used for verifying your identity and providing you with promotional materials and other services as requested.